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Gaming Event Competitors
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Connecting with gamers around the world

FyR Esports is a multicultural network with members around the world, which allows us to share different perspectives on games and events related to them. We pride ourselves in being able to serve a diverse audience with different interests and tastes in games.

We always keep the community in mind while creating content - We wants to reflect what they want and how they play games. We do this through a mix of traditional and creative content formats that aims to engage people from all walks of life.

Brands get access to Generation Y

We work with some of the largest esports brands in the world to bring awesome gaming experiences to the masses. We help these brands connect intimately with Generation Y. We are excited to announce our global partnership with ESPL.GG

FyR is a digital marketing agency that specializes in connecting brands with the youth community. With large-scale esports sponsorship opportunities, social media campaigns, and influencer relations, we are experts in marketing campaigns for global brands.

Gaming Event Competitors

We're the bridge between youth and brands

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