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Gaming Station

A passionate team of esports professionals

We are committed to the growth of esports.

Working with teams, key opinion leaders, and brands, we develop engaging and interactive events, tournaments, workshops, and content.

It's time to rethink esports. The future is here, and it's called FyR.

Gaming Event Competition

Team FyR

Ideas generated by gamers for gamers. We work with awesome clients to connect their brands to the youth community through esports. Real authentic experiences will drive genuine conversations around the campaigns that we produce.

Gaming Station

James "Liquid" Yap


Having over 6 years of esports experience, first in the CSGO game where he played at national level and then transitioning to Valorant. He founded the agency based on his passion and lack of quality events that immerse brands with gamers. His community ties will help push brand awareness.

Jordan "XiphiuS" Lee


Having played several regional and national tournaments in Blackshot and Overwatch, Jordan has over a decade of competitive as well as tournament management experience. His team and content creator management experience is crucial to all projects.

Awesome Advisors

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If you are a Valorant player and streamer- we need to talk
Positions Open

- manage freelancers
- assist with content production
- become game marshals
- track social media analytics

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