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Congrats to the CSGO Team!!

As a part-time team, we are proud to have leveled up in Southeast Asia.

Being at the top of the territory does come with a price, we will face top-tier teams in Asia who are paid and trained full-time and we would likely suffer from mental trauma as we get our butts kicked.

And that is the way digital warriors are made. As our name suggests- FYR (FEAR) - we know its feeling and what it can do to players who enter into arenas against the odds, but still, we enter into the den. Bravery is knowing fear and moving forward regardless.

We salute the fallen warriors who climb back up again and again until they become a beacon of hope for other gamers who aspire to be like them. The silent keyboard warriors grind and train quietly in their room. The mental toll it takes to become a master of your art cannot be easily explained. It can only be experienced.

That is why we want to build an eco system to support these warriors.


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