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VALORANT Mobile: What is the Expected release date of Riot’s mobile tactical shooter?

VALORANT has been one of the most promising 5v5 tactical shooter PC games since its launch. The game has already gained more than 14 million players all over the world enjoying the title monthly. VALORANT achieved this feat only after one year of its release. Such success of the PC version made it inevitable for Riot Games to introduce a mobile version of VALORANT and gamers are already hyped with the leaks!

 Gamer looking at screen

PlayerIGN leaked a screenshot of the VALORANT files on Twitter which show a ‘Mobile’ folder with icons inside it. PlayerIGN deduced that Riot Games will be porting the title to mobile, sometime in the future.

As far as the release date of VALORANT: Mobile is concerned, leaks suggest it will roll out in Q3, 2021. It also suggests that the mobile version will release in phases for testing purposes and will require pre-registration.

The release could be region-specific in the initial stage. Players are interested to see how Riot Games integrate all the controls in the mobile platform and keep the VALORANT experience intact.

Riot Games plans to increase its audience on a larger scale but it comes with its own challenges. This expansion with VALORANT: Mobile provides an entirely new audience of mobile gamers seeking this 5v5 character-based thriller.

While a lot of information is still unknown, the VALORANT community has been expressing a tremoundous amount of excitement about the launch since its announcement. Stay tune for more information.

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