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How to Build a Lasting Team

Team based games need to be effective in all areas, including chemistry, communication and of course, teamwork. But an often neglected set of intrinsic values includes genuine friendship, championship mentality and mutual respect.

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When it comes to choosing your team mates, it is not just skillsets in the game a leader or organization have to assess, but also the difficult unseen characteristics like determination, openness to new ideas, patience and so much more other soft skills.

Do you have a team vision in mind? What are the core values? What are the team's goals besides winning in tournaments?

Often team members are new to each other even if they have seen each other in competitive ranked games. The esports organization has to have a way to gel the members and is even more of a challenge during this pandemic as most members likely only see each other online and their real persona may never be made known to each other without real life interactions or going through certain events together.

Create a team guide and lead by example

The only way to provide guidance to the team as to what the organization expects of them is just to create a guide and disseminate it to all members. Regardless of the esports culture and structure, a written form shows the commitment of the organization and the guide, if written in clarity, help guide the team members in areas such as team member expectations, the values that matter to the organization, the way one should interact on social media and so on.

In some ways, the brand of the esports organization is also impacted by the actions of their members, so it is recommended to merge both team ethics and branding considerations into one cohesive guide.

Once the guide is established and clearly communicated, the leaders and its members should be accountable for its implementation. In any team building research, it is often found that comaradie and shared values as well as shared emotions often binds a team stronger. Sometimes the thoughts of younger members may be immature and may require real life coaching and counselling. Impatience and a sense of entitlement may impair their progress as an esports athlete. You have to decide if it is worth your time to nurture them.

Once you have your guide in placed, it will also cause your organization to re-think how you interview and bring in new future talents. Get in touch with us, we can help you build your team.

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