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FYR Esports Roster Announcement

We are excited to announce the members who will participate in this year's Valorant tournaments.

 Gaming arena

After some trials and interviews, we have put forward a list of combatants to represent FYR Esports in the upcoming Valorant Championships.

The team worked well in a couple of high profile matches. We did not win, but we were very close. We have learnt from our initial experiences and are mentally prepared to take down some giants in the tournament.

The members all have semi-professional experiences playing against top teams in the past.

James aka "Liquid2k"

James has been in the competitive scene for over 5 years and is the youngest member in the squad. He functions as the in game leader and has been involved with top teams such as Reality Rift in the past. He played in Malaysia in a CSGO championship and has since transitioned to play in Valorant championships. Participated in GSI Invitational and many more high profile matches.

As for other players.. they are best kept a secret for now. ;)

However, we do have a brand new shiny team for MLBB and will debut in the PVP Esports Regional Championships Season 3 - Open Qualifiers MLBB (Singapore) this August 14th!

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