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Ultimate Partnership: ESPL.GG

FyR Esports partners with ESPL to bring competitive gaming to the masses.

Starting with the emerging game of Valorant, FyR Esports will coordinate tournaments targeted at the grassroots level.

Amateur competitors are seriously underserved in these parts of the world and we will like to develop an ecosystem that breeds potential champions.

There are hundreds and thousands of gamers who play in LAN cafes and from their bedrooms. Many of them can only dream of being involved in the major competitive league. Our focus is in developing a fertile ecosystem with which we level the playing field to allow young and upcoming esport talents to flourish and gain valuable experiences in the growing market.

We share a vision to build a sustainable foundation for upcoming talents

We share a common drive to develop the competitive as well as the creative talents of the esports industry. As much as potential talents in competitive arena is wanted, we also will like to train talents in creative and production services, whose demand for them will only grow as the industry matures.

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