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What is required to produce for an online small tournament?

We believe a talent crunch will be encountered within the esports industry in the coming years.

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It is no secret, the esports industry has expanded more than tenfold in the last 5 years. In order to support its rapid growth, more talents in the field is needed.

There are a slew of positions and roles required to produce high quality content and the basic building blocks of such positions often lie with one key attribute - attitude.

Your attitude is often the driver of how willing you are to put in the effort and time in picking up new skills. Even if courses are free, it does not guarantee the production quality of future contributing producers and managers. Here are a list of roles one can prepare and train for.

Reviewing / Commenting Skills

If you like to talk about games (sensibly) and share your knowledge of the competitive scene, this role will be perfect. For those that may not like to be seen live in person (because you are shy), voice overs are just as possible and even writer contributions on after matches can be well rewarded.

Video Editing / Motion Graphics

A tournament presentation needs to be visually appealing and a basic overlay of visual treatment can create a professional feel.

Marketing and Promotion

This is perhaps one of the most crucial areas of the tournament- getting the news out there to the right audiences. We believe in an integrated marketing approach and can cut across digital presence as well as offline properties, depending on your network and budget.

Broadcasting Knowhow

Part of what makes the entire production run smoothly is the technical capabilities of producers well versed with broadcasting software and other computer and audio (and lighting) peripherals.

Program and Planning

The heart and soul of the entire tournament system lies in the capability of the team to plan and coordinate all the moving parts of a tournament. Channel partners, sponsors, players, and a number of important rules and regulations need to be laid out and looked into including legal requirements and protection to user data and often younger children that may form part of your audience.

Player / Customer / Partner Support

Never underestimate the importance to assist and help all your touch points. This helps keep issues in check and assist with anticipating a potential problem before it escalates into a show stopper.

These are just some of the main elements to look out for when organizing an online tournament. Many more efforts and challenges arise when it comes to offline competitions. Nonetheless, we welcome any parties to discuss with us on any opportunities.

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