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Why are we so passionate about cryptocurrency?

The short answer - its the future of our digital financial system. Countries have already started to make Bitcoin legal tender. Digital currencies of various nations are already circulating among the citizens and more are in the works. We want to spread the good news and also caution people, especially young minds, about this new wonder.

There is no doubt, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the very fabric of financial technologies that will be woven tightly into the youth culture and permeate the esports scene. It is not too late to get involved and start to understand them. The only way to learn, is to just start accepting cryptocurrencies by installing digital wallets.

There are so many different type of wallets out there. While wallets allow you to receive and send cryptocurrencies, you need a safe place to transact them. That is to buy and sell them like stocks.

All these and more shall be revealed to you over the next few months. Young minds, stay alert and do not trust too easily. Let us guide you and your family how to navigate safely in this incredible digital world of cryptocurrencies. We are so excited to introduce this world to you. It is perhaps the only way generational wealth can be cultivated. Stay tune! Sign up for more updates!


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